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Simi Valley Montessori School
Simi Valley Montessori School
Simi Valley Montessori School

The philosophy of Simi Valley Montessori School is to encourage a child’s interest and curiosity to learn and to develop as a responsible and independent thinker that will foster a life long love
of learning.

Simi valley Montessori school has qualified Montessori staff, who takes a personal interest in their teaching and of the individual child. The staff at Simi Valley Montessori School view education as much more than the training of minds. Their dedicated and caring ways help the child develop to be an intelligent, caring and loving human being.

The goal of Simi Valley Montessori School is to educate the whole child through the Montessori approach which addresses the cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs of the young child.

Here at Simi Valley Montessori School, we think that communication between parents and teachers is a vital component in providing an enriching and positive learning experience for the child’s development.

Our students who attend Simi Valley Montessori School are exposed to many academic subjects with ease and comfort. The materials offer the children experience with phonics, reading, writing, addition, subtraction, geometry, decimal system, geography, science and botany to name a few. Because of the excellent academics we offer, children usually perform to the traditional first and second grade levels when they leave our kindergarten program.

We have mixed age groups in all our class rooms. Each child is free to learn at his own level, pace and degree of interest. Younger and older children learn from each other. Each one is both a student and a teacher. Each Montessori material has a specific skill to develop, quality to demonstrate or fact to reveal. The children thrive in academics in these types of exciting learning atmosphere.