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Simi Valley Montessori School

School Advantage

The student to teacher ratio in our Simi Valley Montessori school focuses the adult attention on the individual child rather than a group teaching environment. Each child sets their goals and works towards an end result according to their grade level. There is no group learning time where your child may be bored, or confused about the information being presented. Using the tool of educational assistants, the child gets more positive attention than in a traditional classroom. These are also professional adults who understand the concept of Montessori learning.

It is a given fact that students in Simi Valley Montessori schools show higher academic success rates when given the opportunity to work on their own agenda. Rather than stifling the child’s excitement for a particular subject, the Montessori education allows your child to learn as much as they want on a particular subject. Similar to adults deciding on their college major, your child will be allowed to follow their hearts, and learn about the subjects that interest them instead of spending time waiting for others to catch up to them.

Simi Valley Montessori schools are known for their personal care and loving attention paid to each and every student. The family feeling is evident in the group focused atmosphere. The certified teachers complete higher education courses focused on the Montessori philosophy, and they bring that knowledge to the classroom. They give their hearts to each child in order to promote the most loving atmosphere. Your child will flourish under the guidance of these professionals.