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Simi Valley Montessori School

School History

Simi Valley Montessori - Erringer facility was founded in 2006 by Ms Roshini Wirekoon- Administrator/Director. Ms. Wirekoon, affectionately known as, “Roshi” here at Simi Valley Montessori School, has experience in the AMA Montessori Philosophy and Early Child Education. Roshi obtained her Diploma in ECE at UCLA. She has also completed her Montessori Diploma and has been a teacher in pre- school education for over 13 years.

Simi Valley Montessori School has been in business for over 15 years at the same location. However, after the change of ownership in 2006, our school turned a new leaf. With new and qualified staff and the implementation of our exciting new program and philosophy, we were able to extend our services further to our local community. After completing our first year of service, we were in the fortunate position of having a considerable amount of parents waiting to get enrolled in our facility at Simi Valley Montessori School.

Due to our high performance and quality care provided at Simi Valley Montessori School and with the support of the existing parents, we were able to expand. Simi Valley Montessori School – West Valley (Sinaloa) Branch was opened in April of 2007 with the overwhelming support by the parents of the first school. The response received by way of new enrollments is due not only to the efforts made to educate and nurture the children, but also the friendly atmosphere.

The teachers at Simi Valley Montessori School are qualified Montessori teachers who are highly motivated to train the young mind. The infant care (ages 6 weeks – 24 months) is handled by well trained teachers who have a deep sense of responsibility in caring for little ones. The children are made to feel at home by their gentle gestures and they have a unique way of mothering them in the absence of the parents.

The vision of our infant section, pre- school and kindergarten at Simi Valley Montessori School, is to expand our services further to our community and provide a strong educational and self disciplined environment to our future generations in a caring and nurturing way.

Simi Valley Montessori schools have maintained their image from the inception to date and they hope to steer forward improving the facilities they offer, by way of good education and loving care.