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Simi Valley Montessori School



My son has been attending Simi Valley Montessori for the last three years. He just loves it. Over the years we have seen him blossom him into a smart, confident and caring kid. So Montessori was the natural choice of preschool when my daughter was ready for Pre School.

Thulsi and Chaitanya

Simi Valley Montessori School has been a godsend to our family. We tried other pre-schools and were never satisfied with the level of education and the way that our children responded to their teachers. The teachers at Simi Valley Montessori have a demeanor that is second to none. They are able to make the experience both enjoyable and disciplined, with a light touch that shows both experience and joy of teaching. Our children have stayed through Kindergarten and will have a leg up not only in school, but in life due to their time at Simi Valley Montessori. There is magic happening there! Thank You Simi Valley Montessori!!

Brian and Melissa

It is always difficult to find the “right” place for your young child to go to pre-school. After we had our daughter we decided to enroll her at the Simi Valley Montessori School. Over the years as she has grown, guided and educated by the caring and knowledgeable staff at the school. Simi Valley Montessori schools uses the acclaimed Montessori teaching process and we feel that the knowledge and the education she received there has been of great benefit to her. If you are looking for a pre-school for your child, Simi Valley Montessori School is the right place.

Zane & Lisa