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Baby Nursery

The baby nursery at Simi Valley Montessori PreSchool cares for babies starting at six weeks old. Each child receives personal attention and love in a clean, fun learning environment. The school staff is also trained in CPR and first aid. Instead of letting your child muddle through in a crowded daycare facility, choose Simi Valley Montessori PreSchool, where there are plenty of caregivers to go around.

When your baby attends Simi Valley Montessori School's baby nursery, he or she will receive individual infant care that is second-best only to your love. Your baby will not just be babysat. Highly qualified staff and learning tools at the school foster sensory, cognitive, and motor development. Age-appropriate toys and learning aids maximize development, because children are always learning at every age. Simi Valley Montessori PreSchool keeps the staff-to-infant ratio high so that staff members have time for your child's individual needs.

Baby toys at Simi Valley Montessori School's baby nursery are not just for play. The staff use toys and techniques that hold a baby's attention, making them see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and think. Infant care in the Montessori way will set your child up for lifelong learning.

When your baby grows out of the nursery, Simi Valley Montessori School also offers educational daycare services, pre-school, pre-k and kindergarten programs. All programs have high program standards and a fun and intriguing curriculum that keeps children ahead of their peers in public schools.

Why sit a baby in front of a television set all day, in the hands of an inexperienced babysitter, when you can let highly qualified professionals at the Simi Valley Montessori PreSchool's baby nursery help him or her to learn and grow? Contact the baby nursery at (805) 824-1700 today.

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