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Infant Care

The Montessori Preschool, which follows the leading student learning program, provide services to the whole child from infancy onward. It is a natural part of their childcare system. Maria Montessori, who originated the creative education system that bears her name, believed that each child should be nurtured and taught individually. This belief is the foundation for everything, including the baby nursery. Each infant receives the care that he or she needs on an individual basis.

Infant care at the Simi Valley Montessori Preschool ensures that each baby gets the attention, love and developmentally appropriate education that he or she would get at home. In fact, each infant who is brought to their nursery is part of a family of children, each with their own needs and each able to receive the individual care that a parent would give.

Good daycare benefits home life as well. Babies who are nurtured and happy at daycare come home happy to be with Mom or Dad. They feel safe whether in their parents' arms or in the arms of their loving caregiver. This consistency ensures that they grow up secure with a familiar and happy routine. From diapering to feeding, infants at the Montessori Preschool daycare know that they can count on their caregivers much as they count on their parents. If you visit the daycare at Simi Valley Montessori Preschool, you will see the contentment in the young ones there. You will be able to see firsthand that the facilities are well-maintained, clean and orderly. Talk with the caregivers or watch them with the babies and you will know that they genuinely love their little charges.

At the Simi Valley Montessori Preschool, infant care is a responsibility undertaken with love. Every baby is treated as an individual. In fact, the School believes that the second best thing to a mother's love is the personal care and love that each child receives in the Montessori Baby Nursery. Trained staff provide a clean and fun environment for babies to learn, grow and, of course, be loved.

All staff are CPR and First Aid Trained to ensure the best possible care for young babies. Infants start at six weeks and can be cared for until they become old enough to graduate to pre-school/kindergarten classes at the Montessori School. 

Once you've satisfied yourself that Simi Valley Montessori Preschool provides this individualized, loving care, compare the daycare to others in the area. Rate others on the big three: the appropriate staff ratio, the appropriate surroundings and, most importantly, the appropriate attitude among the caregivers. Others can provide daycare but you won't find another setting as loving, prepared and equipped to serve your child.

Nothing is more important than this first decision among many for your baby. To learn more, please visit the Montessori School website or schedule a visit to the facility. See for yourself the care that is taken to ensure that babies are healthy and happy in the infant care nursery in the Montessori School of Simi Valley.

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