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Baby Sitting

Is it babysitting that you're looking for at Simi Valley Montessori Preschool, or are you looking for much more than babysitting for your infant or preschooler ? Are you searching for a situation that will give your child the opportunity to advance academically while still getting personal attention, love, and care from a dedicated care giver? Your child can begin in our daycare as early as age six weeks. When you start your child in Montessori education at a young age, he/she will not only be getting the care that is second only to the mother, but he/she will be given opportunities to learn and progress at her own pace.

Please contact our Montessori Day Care and see why children thrive in our care! One of the greatest assets in both our infant and preschool programs is the quality of our teachers. The teacher/student ratios are high and the staff is trained in first aid and CPR. Children flourish as they learn and play within a clean, safe, and fun environment under the close attention of our highly trained staff.

In comparing our babysitting services to others in the Simi Valley you will find that one of our advantages is the ease in which students are allowed to transition from our babysitting services to our pre-school programs. As your baby is learning through developmental play he is also learning to make choices and to be an active participant in his own learning. Our program is staffed with certified Montessori teachers who assist students as they progress through an individualized curriculum. If you are looking for more than babysitting in the Simi Valley area we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. Contact Simi Valley Montessori Preschool, and let us begin babysitting, caring for, and encouraging your child or infant! 

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