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Infant & Toddlers Daycare

Simi Valley Montessori Preschool Infant & Toddlers Daycare gives any child an educational head start that teaches them to take full command of their unhindered learning abilities. The atmosphere of personal care and love generated by Montessori Method sticks with a student for a lifetime, to the advantage of their self-confidence. Your children will learn how to learn efficiently and enjoyably in a clean, fun environment at friendly Simi Valley Montessori Preschool Infant & Toddlers Daycare.

Simi Valley Montessori Preschool’s Infant & Toddlers Daycare is the best thing the area's education system has seen in a long while. Their peaceful educational experiences that never detract from a child's ability to learn are developmentally key in the educational advantages necessary to their academic survival. Educational principles can be applied to younger children without overwhelming them, given the correct environment.

Simi Valley Montessori Preschool daycare is not the same babysitting typical of most early care programs. Our curriculum fully engrosses children who love interacting with innovative, intriguing learning and investigation aids. Teachers give each child an opportunity to progress at their own pace while being able to rely on the comforting aid of individual attention at any time.


Simi Valley Montessori Preschool Infant & Toddlers Daycare is a healthy place that isn't designed to replace a family setting, but to be the second best thing after the mother's love typical of one. With CPR and First Aid Trained staff, nothing impedes your child's early educational advancement. Care programs begin at 6 weeks old, so even your smallest can learn to study, associate and relax around others securely. Our Baby Sitting and Baby Nursery programs also begin at 6 weeks and they comprise much more than babysitting. Even play sessions are designed to healthily stimulate young minds so that transitioning into Private Pre K Programs later on is easy.

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