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Montessori Kindergarten

Simi Valley Montessori Preschool wants the best for your children, we ensure you that enrolling them in Montessori Kindergarten is the way to be sure your children get a jump start on the best available education. The qualified staff at Simi Valley Montessori Preschool will provide an individualized curriculum for your child that will help her develop her natural interests and abilities.

Simi Valley Montessori Preschool provides a high teacher/student ratio that allows for one-on-one, personal care and instruction. The individualized Montessori curriculum allows many children to work one to two grade levels above their age. This reputation for high academic achievement leads many parents to choose Montessori teaching methods for their children's first educational experiences.

Montessori Kindergarten in Simi Valley Montessori Preschool will challenge your child, providing interesting activities and work to keep him/her engaged. Our highly qualified staff presents Montessori curriculum targeted to your child's individual ability to help him/her learn without producing the frustration of material that is too difficult or uninteresting.

The Montessori Kindergarten approach allows students to choose the learning approach they find most accessible. Whether a child needs kinesthetic, auditory or visual learning materials, all are available in a Montessori classroom. In the long term, children educated in Montessori schools have greater self-discipline, enjoy learning more, perform better in social situations, are more independent and have a stronger understanding of all subject areas from math to grammar.

Montessori Kindergarten at Simi Valley Montessori Preschool provides everything your Kindergartner needs to have a positive experience with school, while at the same time learning at a level not often found in other Kindergarten settings. To provide your children with the best possible start in their education, count on Montessori Kindergarten at Simi Valley Montessori Preschool.

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