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Family Travel

These days many of us travel with kids (from their young age). As the summer comes to an end, many of us are wrapping our summer plans. If your roots are anything like mine then a 16 hour straight plane ride on a 22 Hour complete one way run is not uncommon.

For the Toddlers, it can do a world of wonders if you buy them a pint sized backpack (that has wheels and a handle). The little ones like to feel like a grown up on these trips. Have some surprise items in the bag. Look at their world turn bright when then open it up during flight (or layover) and find a surprise toy, a puzzle or a fun snack that they have not seen before.

Here are a few more ideas -

* Snacks - Have enough snacks ready in your carry on (Granola bars, gum for ear popping, crackers, fruit snacks etc)

* Bring cards, family games, homework and ipads for flights and layovers - The long flights have individual TV screens but these other gadgets help to fight layovers.

* Take a full size pillow if you can - Recently the five of took a long trip to Sri Lanka (about an average of 24 flying hours) but were also happy to note the amount of baggage we had. So on the carry on we took full size pillows. Those add so much comfort and makes your sleep in coach almost feel like first class.

* Check in on curbside - if you have too many bags, the best is to check that in at curbside. It will cost a small tip but totally worth it than fumbling with the young ones and many bags.

* Put your phone away - Last but not least this is your time with your family. Put away that phone and enjoy your time with your family. Chances are that your work will not burn and fall apart if you leave your phone aside for a few hours.

Remember this is your time with the family. Make every moment count and make it magical. These little ones grow up too fast and enjoy every second you have with them.


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