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Does a TV belong in your Bedroom?

We are an average american family living in the suburbs. The TV (or multiple of it) has become a normal part of the american family. In our home we have 4 Tv's. However one of the important family rules that we have instilled in our family has been that there will be "NO TV IN THE BEDROOM" rule. This has worked well so far for us.

Statistics state that over 70% of the kids over 7 have a TV in their bedroom.

Opponents to having a TV in the bedroom state -

  • Kids get more and better sleep

  • Children with TV's in their room tend to stay awake and challenged the next day at school.

  • More conversations between adults and kids. Family gathering to watch TV in a common area like the living room.

  • Couples going to bed together at the same time

  • Some studies have linked childhood diabetes and obesity to the bedroom TV.

The proponents have a similar lists as well. Whatever fits you family lifestyle, one point to make is that the TV should not be a babysitter nor should it be used as a tool to put your kids to bed. TV can be a good tool to teach you children valuable lessons in life however everything should be done in moderation. Your time with your growing child is precious and make use of the every minute available. The best bonding and learning time that your child can have is the time spent with you.

"The things he sees are not just remembered; they form a part of his soul.” - Maria Montessori

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